Fish Stories

All the videos and cartoons here require the Windows Media Player 7.0 or above.

To view them click on the pictures or titles. (The size of the download files are in parentheses.)

Auden on Icarus

(6.6 MB)

Camus on Sysiphus

(7.7 MB)

Darwin on a Tangled Bank

(11.6 MB)

Grudin on Facing Backwards

(8.8 MB)

Hume on our Self

(8.1 MB)

James on Chautauqua

(12.5 MB)

Kierkegaard on Walking Backwards

(7.7 MB)

Locke on Substance

(4.4 MB)

McGinn on Aladdin's Lamp

(11.3 MB)

Montaigne on Cats

(10.2 MB)

Nemerov on the Dial Tone

(6.2 MB)

Nietzsche on Death

(11.3 MB)

Pascal on Thinking

(6.2 MB)

Russell on Eating

(11.4 MB)

Santayana on Bull Fighting

(9.1 MB)

Schopenhauer on Love & Sex

(13.7 MB)

Spinoza on a Stone

(10.2 MB)

Stevenson on Truth & Talk

(9.7 MB)

Wilbur on Vampires

(10.5 MB)

Wilde on London Fog

(6.8 MB)

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