The Mouse Maze Programs


Mouse Maze 1 deals with 12 questions related to time, such as: Does time actually flow? Why does subjective time fluctuate so much? Is time a measure or is it something measured? How is time linked to sense of self? How should we deal with the transitory nature of life?

Download Mouse Maze 1: Time

Mouse Maze 2 deals with 12 questions related to language, such as: What is the primary benefit of language? Does language spring from intelligence or from instinct? How do words get their meaning? How does poetry differ from prose? Does language shape our world view?

Download Mouse Maze 2: Language

Mouse Maze 3 deals with 12 questions related to nature, such as: Do animals have rights? Does nature represent a moral norm? Does nature have spiritual relevance? Do we have a psychological need to relate to nature? What obligations do we have to preserve nature?

Download Mouse Maze 3: Nature

Mouse Maze 4 deals with 12 questions related to love, such as: What is love? What is the connection between sex and love? How does friendship differ from love? Why is a degree of self-love a good thing? What connection, if any, exists between religion and love?

Download Mouse Maze 4: Love


IMPORTANT: The Mouse Maze programs require that the .NET Framework (1.1 or above) be installed

on your PC. The .NET Framework is part of Windows Vista, but earlier versions of Windows

may not have it. The install for each Mouse Maze program will tell you if you need

the .NET Framework. If you do, you can download it by clicking below.

 Download the .NET Framework 2.0

Note: This download takes time, since the .NET Framework is very large (23 MB).

After it is downloaded and installed, click on "Download Mouse Maze" again.


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