Other Animals


Other Animals is a collection of 20 poems on various animals. If you download the program version, you can also hear these poems read by Merlin (see below) and see before and after images. The program version requires the .NET Framework (see below).

Download Other Animals (Text Only)

Download Other Animals (Program Version)


The program version uses the Microsoft's Merlin character to read poems. IF you

do not see or hear Merlin, click on the below links to install required software.

  1.  The Microsoft Agent core components (391 KB) (if using Windows 98)

  2.  The Merlin Microsoft Agent Character (1.8 MB) (if you don't see Merlin)

  3.  The Lernout & Hauspie TrueVoice Text-to-Speech Engine (1.0 MB) (if you don't hear Merlin)

  4.  The SAPI 4.0 runtime support (824 KB) (if using the Windows XP)


The Other Animals program also requires that the .NET Framework (1.1 or above) be installed on

your PC. The .NET Framework is part of Windows Vista, but earlier versions of Windows

may not have it. The install for the Other Animals program will tell you if you need

the .NET Framework. If you do, you can download it by clicking below.

 Download the .NET Framework 2.0

Note: This download takes time, since the .NET Framework is very large (23 MB).

After it is downloaded and installed, click on "Download Other Animals" again.


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