The Philosophy Bee Program


The Philosophy Bee program is a quiz game. It will test and, if necessary, refresh your knowledge of 20 important philosophers. Besides keeping track of your score, the program offers follow-up explanations of the answers and brief biographies of the philosophers.

Download Philosophy Bee


IMPORTANT: The Philosophy Bee program requires that the .NET Framework (1.1 or above) be installed

on your PC. The .NET Framework is part of Windows Vista, but earlier versions of Windows

may not have it. The install for the Philosophy Bee program will tell you if you need

the .NET Framework. If you do, you can download it by clicking below.

 Download the .NET Framework 2.0

Note: This download takes time, since the .NET Framework is very large (23 MB).

After it is downloaded and installed, click on "Download Philosophy Bee" again.


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