Rooster Reveilles and Swan Songs

All the videos, slideshows and cartoons here require the Windows Media Player 7.0 or above.

To view them click on the pictures or titles. (The size of the download files are in parentheses.)

Beam Me Up (7.9 MB)

Beetles (4.1 MB)

Coffee (3.1 MB)

Drip (1.6 MB)

Egg (9.9 MB)

Faces (7.3 MB)

Fingers (7.8 MB)

Frog (9.5 MB)

Garden (18.0 MB)

Gravity (7.8 MB)

Mosquito (5.7 MB)

Newton's Cradle (9.7 MB)

Onion (8.8 MB)

Penguins (4.5 MB)

Pigeons (7.6 MB)

Primates (5.1 MB)

Selfish Genes (12.3 MB)

Self-Portraits (5.4 MB)

Tree (10.6 MB)

Words (13.4 MB)

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